Enduro European Championship 2023


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With Santa Marta de Penaguaio in the north of Portugal, about 100 km east of Porto, the last venue of the 2023 European Enduro Championship has now been announced.


After the start in Italy, it’s off to Portugal one month later and after a two-month summer break to Estonia in July and the finale in Poland in September.

With Fabriano, Paikuse and Kielce, clubs and venues have been found that have already proven themselves in the European Championship.

Santa Marta de Penaguaio has already hosted national competitions and the region is known for its fantastic terrain for enduro tours.


The new European champion of all classes will be sought in 2023: The reigning champion, Erik Willems from Belgium, will no longer compete due to injury, so the competition will once again be completely open and exciting.


More to find directly on the official homepage, along with all the information, results, championship standings and more: